Fletcher’s 22′ mobile food trailer


Let Fletcher’s be a part of your celebration! Whether it be a birthday party, corporate luncheon, wedding or high school reunion our mobile trailers allow us to provide full-service catering for events in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and surrounding areas. Depending on the size of the event, you will have your choice of our food trailer set-up, tent pop-up, or home delivery. See below for details:

NOTE: Private events will be limited during the State Fair of Texas. Please note that destinations outside of a 40-mile radius of Dallas-Fort Worth will incur a travel fee. Contact us for additional details.  

Mobile Trailer

Fletcher’s has two mobile kitchens that allow us to have a branded presence at your event, party, fair or festival. Depending on the size of your crowd, we have a 14′ trailer or a 22′ trailer designed to service your guests.

Fletcher’s 14′ mobile food trailer


MINIMUMS: 500 300 pieces (a combination of Corny Dogs and funnel cakes) or you must guarantee a $3000 $1800 minimum order. All condiments are provided and beverages are available if needed for an additional cost. Please note that we do not provide utensils.

We have had many customers arrange for us to cater to first responders and businesses in the past few weeks. We are also working with HOA’s and community organizers to do pop-ups in local neighborhoods. In an effort to help you put a smile on people’s faces and lift up spirits, we are lowering minimums for Dallas, Tarrant, Kaufman and Denton Counties to 300 pieces/$1800. Please email with your interest and we will make every effort to work with you!

Pop-Up Tent or On-Site Catering

Want to incorporate us into your celebration in a smaller way? Consider letting Fletcher’s make an appearance at your event with a 10×10 branded tent or provide on-site catering in your kitchen. The only thing we require is that you must be able to provide electricity for our fryers.

MINIMUMS: 300 pieces (combination of Corny Dogs and funnel cakes) or you must guarantee an $1800 minimum order. Condiments and beverages are available for an additional charge.

Special Delivery

An easy way to incorporate us into your house party or company celebration is to have us deliver our delicious corny dogs to your location!

MINIMUMS: 150 Corny Dogs or you must guarantee a $900 minimum order. Condiments and beverages are available for an additional charge.

Contact us to schedule your event!


There’s no better way to take in a football game or a local music festival than with a Corny Dog and mouth-watering funnel cake in hand. We can set up at venues of all sizes, with the ability to accommodate up to 200,000 patrons a day. Current concessions clients include the University of North Texas.


Corny Dogs

The Original

Traditional Beef & Port Frank

The Jalapeño & Cheese

Irresistible combination of beef, pork, jalapeño peppers, cheddar cheese and spices

The “Bird Dog”

All turkey frank with spices and natural smoke flavor

The Veggie Dog

Plant based non-GMO soy and pea protein and spices

The Cheezy Pup

Soft melting American cheese. It’s like fried gold!

Crispy Fried Fair Classics

Old-Fashioned Funnel Cakes

Delicious crunchy fried dough and sugar dusted. Toppings available for endless possibilities of your choice

Curly Fries

Spiraled, seasoned, and deep fried


Premium Lemonades

Ÿ• Traditional • ŸStrawberry Ÿ• Cucumber • ŸApple Pie • Blackberry • Sweet Heat